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Okay, so let's set up the scene here.


Mom and I were driving home from picking up groceries and we were signalling to turn into our subdivision.


Out of nowhere this "party" (if I can even call it that, name withheld) van, entitled "Y party y" comes hauling up on our bumper, flashing his lights, (and nearly giving me a frigging panic attack/heart attack of sorts) and giving the good ol' raised fist out of his window, as he drives on.


Oh, EXCUUUSE us for signalling to turn to get into our subdivision and getting in *YOUR* way, o high and mighty party planner!




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While doing some....ahem...research on some Yuri on Ice couples, I came across ((how in the world, I have no clue)) some gifs of Harley Quinn and "Mistah J".

Now you may be thinking, "Oh, those two are PERFECT for each other!" which I ask..

How in the FUCKING HELL is  cut for reasons )  <---THIS okay?!!




I really hate you...stop getting in my way... )
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 Ok, so I was able to take my computer to the local *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH* (shameless plug heh) store, and the tech worked on it and told me that basically, there was a ton of dust (PERIISH the thought) inside the computer and was able to make it work again!



Thank everybody for techies and older brothers!


Apr. 9th, 2017 05:22 pm
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So, apparently, the other night, my leg got twisted up in the cord of my laptop ((I have it on a desk that has wheels that tilts to keep it off of my lap)) and well....


Uh-oh.... )Uh-oh.... )Uh-oh.... )Uh-oh.... )
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 Hello, everyone!


I know I haven't been posting over here, but due to LJ's new...location....  ((read this:  ))....I'm going to post on here more often.




Now that I'm over here, I'm going to be as salty as HELL.  You don't like it? Go elsewhere.

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 Okay, so apparently, LJ did an upgrade/update/whatever to the sight, and thought it would make it easier for users to have.


Well, I RP on there for  giggles, and now I have to lean across my bed to read the topics, and half the time wind up on the floor.


Yeah....great idea, LJ.  I'm happy for you....


[/sarcastic clap]

Hi there!

Nov. 23rd, 2012 08:07 pm
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So, to whomever is reading this, hai!

My name is Beth and I migrated over here from LiveJournal, since it's starting to deeply annoy me.

As you can tell by my icons, I have a Tom Hiddleston if any other woman doesn't.

Hello there!




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